Monday, June 22, 2009

A Father's Day Feast

My kids have a great Daddy! The kids are crazy about their Daddy, and they live for the week-ends when "Daddy doesn't have to go to work for 2 WHOLE days!" So, they were very excited about having a special day just to celebrate Daddy.

They had so much fun getting ready, selecting Father's Day cards and gifts, and having Mommy set their alarm for 5 minutes before Daddy would get up on Sunday so that they could sneak in with their cards and gifts to surprise him.

Noah chose a card with lots of "gift certificates" for chores that he can do for Gareth, and he bought him a grilling fork with a digital meat thermometer in it, so that Daddy could quit cutting the meat all up on the grill because he was afraid it wasn't done. Nathan chose a funny card, and he was very excited to buy Daddy an electric fly swatter. Rosie chose a card with a princess on it, and she and I bought Daddy a new set of stainless steel grilling tools and a spray bottle for use on those flames when they get too high.

So, with all of those grilling tools, we decided we had better fix Daddy a barbecue feast for Father's Day lunch.

We had rib-eye steaks, apple marinated pork chops, eckridge sausage, loaded baked potatoes, grilled corn and strawberry spinach salad.

Then, it was on to dessert. Daddy loves lemon meringue pie, but the kids don't. So, I splurged and made 2 desserts. The kids had chocolate covered strawberries, and Daddy got his lemon meringue pie.

Afterwards, Daddy indulged in his favorite Sunday past time-a 3 hour nap! Actually, we all had a nap. After church in the evening, we stopped off at Marble Slab Creamery for ice cream for supper. A truly indulgent day! The kids are already excited to plan their next Daddy's celebration.

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