Wednesday, May 26, 2010


When I was growing up, my Grandma and Grandpa had a HUGE yard. And every summer they put out a slip-n-slide. As often as we were allowed, we were at Grandma's house, slipping and sliding. We would slide for hours, until our stomachs were bruised. Grandma would feed us watermelon or ice cream, ask Mom and Dad if we could spend the night, and then take us in the house for a shower, dress us in Grandpa's old t-shirts, inflate the air mattress, and let us lay in the living room and watch Disney cartoons until we fell asleep. Such sweet memories.

Funny, but the slip-n-slides I remember were MUCh longer. Or perhaps it was just that I was so much shorter. Still, the munchkins love playing on the slip-n-slide. This is last years' slip-n-slide, and it has developed an air leak, but we still managed to make it work yesterday (when temperatures made it to 95). The munchkins are pooling their allowance money, and Mommy is going to make up the difference, so we'll have a new one this week-end. But for now, they're still having lots of fun. Happy Summer everyone!

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