Monday, May 31, 2010

Bouncy, Bouncy, Bouncy, Bouncy, Fun, Fun, Fun, Fun, Fun

I've been wishing for a trampoline in our backyard for a year now. Last summer, the munchkins were really still a bit small, though. At Christmastime, the munchkins were probably big enough, but we were still working on dealing with Noah and Rosie's medical bills and Gareth's truck accident.

But, as Spring has worn on, and the munchkins have been more and more active, I decided that it was definitely time to put in a big trampoline (for Mommy's sake). I have been using coupons like a mad woman and watching the sales carefully trying to save some grocery money. Then, last week, I found the trampoline that I have been wanting (complete with safety net) on sale. I called Gareth at work and asked him if I could buy it, as with one more pay period of careful shopping I thought I could pay for it. Thankfully, he went for it, and on Friday, we were able to go pick up our trampoline.

The munchkins were beside themselves with excitement (as was I), and we couldn't wait for Daddy to get the lawn mowed so trampoline assembly could start.

Thankfully, Daddy is an engineer, so he had the trampoline put together in just over an hour.
He did have a short break part-way through to try to convince the munchkins that he was finished and the trampoline should look like this (poor Rosie was a bit confused!).
He had lots of helpers. I'm not sure if this made the job go faster or slower, but his helpers had a great time.

It was agreed that Nathan would have the first jump. He was nervous and gave such timid little jumps and giggles that we couldn't help laughing at him.

So, we put the other two munchkins on, and let them help him "warm up".

After a minute or two of nervous, small jumps, they got right into the hang of it and were hopping all over the place.

They bounced until it was dark and Mommy insisted that they had to come in and have supper. First thing this morning, they wanted out again. Daddy couldn't resist running out to jump with them, even if he was still in his pj's.
Happy, tired Munchkins. Happy Mommy looking forward to being able to just tell them to go "jump it out" whenever the energy levels start to get too high!

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