Monday, April 19, 2010

Snapshots of Easter

Easter was Rosie's last "first" to experience. Last year, I was on an airplane to Ethiopia on Easter Sunday, so Rosie missed out on experiencing Easter here. But, we made up for it with lots of fun this year.

The traditional bunny cake. Just like my Mom made for us every year-very 70's, complete with angel food cake, cooked 7-minute frosting, and tinted coconut! But, it tastes great, and the kids LOVE it.
Someday, Rosie may hate me for this picture, but I love it. Having been outside all day, the kids were filthy. So, Gareth put them through the shower while I got things set up to decorate the cake and dye eggs. Gareth very carefully picked out Rosie's hair to remove all of the grass, and, boy, does that girl have an afro! (My apologies for the lack of clothing and for the resulting lack of pictures of the kids dyeing the eggs. I just couldn't face up to ruining clothes while we dyed eggs, so the kids had a great time decorating eggs and watching me decorate the cake in their underwear!) And Rosie had a great time licking the 7-minute frosting off of the spatula!
Celebrating holidays with the munchkins is more fun every year! The older they get, the more we can do. This year, we made some really intense dyes using my paste food colors, and then we used white crayons to put on designs before dyeing, and Elmer's glue and glitter to glitter-wash some of them. The munchkins did really well. We didn't make too big a mess, and Nathan was the only one who ended up with dyed body parts.

A few photos from Easter morning:

A couple of snapshots from the egg hunt:

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