Monday, April 19, 2010

Bierre's Birthday Party

Last Wednesday night, as Gareth was tucking the boys into bed and praying with them, he asked them what kind of day they had. Nathan was very excited to tell him that he had a good day, and that the next day would be GREAT, because it was going to be Bierre's birthday. Gareth passed along this tidbit of news, and I assumed that Nathan would have forgotten by the next morning. But, he had not. He woke up very excited about Bierre's birthday, and I decided that I should go along with this idea.

So, after school and after play time outside, the munchkins brought all of their favorite stuffed animals into the kitchen and we set up a surprise party for Bierre. Nathan was SOOOO excited! I had to keep encouraging him to not bring Bierre out until everything was set up.

We popped popcorn, made lemonade, set out the bag of Hershey's Kisses that I had been stashing in the pantry for "sometime when I need them", and made a quilt on the floor where all of the animals could sit together.

Then, Nathan was sent to bring Bierre. When we saw him coming, we all shouted "Surprise"! I love this smile on Nathan's face. He was so pleased.
Then, we all gathered round to sing "Happy Birthday" to Bierre.
While the animals enjoyed "invisible popcorn" and Hershey's Kisses on their quilt, the "big" people sat up to bar for their popcorn and kisses and lemonade. The kids were especially pleased, because our friend and ace-housekeeper, Lindsey, was here and could join in. (By the way, every Mommy should have a Lindsey in their life! I look forward to Thursdays all week. Even if I haven't gotten to some aspect of the housework earlier, I know that by the end of Thursday afternoon it will all be done, my whole house will sparkle and smell good, my munchkins LOVE her, and she loves them, too!) It's great to have a Mommy's helper who has a sense of humor and just joins in when Mommy or the Munchkins cook up some hair-brained scheme or another.

Here are the animals enjoying their plate of Hershey's Kisses.

Afterwards, Noah led devotions for all of the animals and Rosie got out her current favorite book to show them the pictures.
A great time was had by all, and Rosie is now busy cooking up a plan to have her Bear's birthday party this week. (Think I might have started something here....)
But, it was a good reminder for me, that it doesn't take much to please my munchkins. Only 20 minutes out of my day, but Nathan felt so special, and I am sure this is a memory that he will look back on, knowing that His Mommy loved him and took the time to just play and be silly. Must make sure that I keep looking for those small (but intensely sweet) chances to do so.....

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