Monday, June 21, 2010


Noah has been reading for over a year now. The novelty still hasn't worn off for me. I LOVE to listen to him reading. There is just so much satisfaction in it. This summer, he couldn't wait to get enrolled for the Tulsa County Library's summer reading program, and he finished reading the required 20 books in under 3 weeks. Now, he is busy reading to Nathan so that Nathan can finish the program, too. That sure makes it nice for Mommy! And, it's so good for Nathan. Books that he might not normally choose to sit and listen to are fine if Noah reads them to him. Last week, Noah picked out "George Washington: Soldier, Hero, President" and set out to read the biography to Nathan.

On Thursday evening I could hear Noah reading and crept in to find this:
So sweet. It brought a big lump to my throat to see the little buddies curled up reading together and then a big smile as I heard words like Massachusetts, ailing, continental, smallpox, and Hessians rolling off his lips without hesitation.

It may be summer-time, but I really think that lots of Noah's days could still count as school right now. He's interested in so much, and every time he asks me a question, I counter with, "That's a great question. Why don't we see what we can find out about it". Then, we pick our library books around those themes. It's always lots of fun to have him come running in to the room I'm in, and tell me about what he has learned. Usually it's followed with, "Isn't that just so cool!"

This week, Noah wanted to know where lightning comes from. So, today at the library we selected 3 books about weather and storms. Then, in anticipation of next weeks' flight to England, he selected 1 book about Great Britain, 2 books about castles, 1 book about knights, and 2 books about the ocean.

Although you couldn't have convinced me that I would half-way through my first year of home-schooling, I love it. There is just nothing quite like watching your children learn, and seeing them take the initiative to learn is so rewarding!

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