Monday, June 21, 2010

From the Mouth of Nathan

On the way to the store this morning, Nathan piped up from the backseat, "Mommy, you are very wise. Mommies need to know all sorts of things to be good Mommies, and you know them all." After a brief pause, he went on to add that he thought that Miss Lindsey (the most marvelous housekeeper/friend/munchkin-sitter ever) knew them, too.

Bless him, he made my day. Especially as once we were at the mall, we visited Dillards and happened to walk through the area where all of their prom dresses were on clearance sale. He promptly wandered over, picked out a long, red, sequined one and told me that I would be so beautiful in that dress and would I please buy it. I pointed out that I didn't really need a ball gown as I didn't have any where to wear it. His reply, "Yes you do. You can wear it at home while you take care of us. Mommies should wear beautiful dresses while they take care of their kids".

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