Wednesday, January 26, 2011

From the Mouth of Nathan

One of these days I'm sure that someone's going to suggest that really this is Nathan's blog, as his quotes appear more often than anything else. But, in my defense, he just has so much to say right now (and most of it is really funny)!

Take for instance, my conversation with him earlier this week. I had just laundered the sheets and was getting his bed freshly made just in time for him to crawl into it.

"Right Nathan", I say, "I've got fresh sheets on and the bed neatly made. Now, how about not messing it all up and destroying it on the first night. Not quite so much wriggling and humping about, okay?" His reply: Mommy, that's REALLY hard to do when you're a Nathan!

Oh, I love that boy! What am I going to do with him, though? He's funny, and he knows it!

Thankfully, he hasn't figured out trying to use funny to get himself out of trouble, though. It wouldn't work, but it sure would be hard not to laugh!

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